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Employee:Huw Taylor

Huw Taylor

Employee Name: Huw Taylor

Department:, El Salvador

Job Title: CEO

Position Overview

Huw’s role as CEO for is very varied one and includes managing a 50 staff, driving the sales team, managing the delivery of online initiatives and projects, managing the companies regional offices in Honduras, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica, and having the ultimate responsibility for delivering the budget for the business.

Career Progression

Huw began in in 2003 as an Account Manager targeting the Leinster region. After two years he was promoted to the position of Senior Account Manager. After a year as a Senior Account Manager he was offered the opportunity to go to China to work as Sales Director in a newly acquired company in Shanghai called After 12 months in China Huw was offered the position of General Manager of which is one of Ireland’s largest recruitment websites and also part of Saongroup. Huw flourished in this position for two years to the end of 2009 and continued to grow and expand this business. He has now taken the position of CEO of, Saongroup’s recent acquisition in Central America with offices in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica.

Why Join Us?

“I have been hugely fortunate to have worked in a company that has given me opportunities to develop my career. For me personally the chance to travel and work in China which was a once in a lifetime experience and gave me the opportunity to learn about every aspect of running a business. If you work hard and show ambition and willingness to succeed the management will take notice and will give you the opportunity to develop.”