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Employee:Regional CEO China East

Sue Marshall

Working with China is most definitely the most challenging and interesting role in my career to date.  The move to Shanghai was well organized and the teams in Dublin and China supported me every step of the way, helping to organize the paperwork and visa’s required to get into China.   Working abroad can be daunting in any country – but China – where there are enormous cultural differences, is a world away from Europe and the support of the team here in China was really important especially given I was the only foreigner in the East China region.

Although the role I do here in China is familiar, the environment isn’t.  Every day brings new experiences, new challenges and stretches my ability as a leader.  I am learning more here than I have learned in the last 10 years. is growing at a rate of knots here in China – and this success means that there are some fabulous career opportunities – in fact, I was recently promoted to CEO for China East, taking responsibility for an additional 3 offices.  Life is never dull here!

There is a very strong work ethic and the job here is not an easy one, but we all encouraged to support one another and often travel between cities to meet up with our ex-pat colleagues and see something of this amazing country.