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AT Saongroup, part of Stepstone, we work together to achieve excellence for our customers and candidates.

We operate with:

– A common VISION.
– A common MISSION.
– Many common core STRATEGIES.

These define the projects we work on together.

However, our values define HOW we work together. We strive to to be more candid, more collaborative, more accountable and more innovative.


People make the difference

We are building a company where talent can thrive and flourish. We provide competitive pay, craft challenging roles that fit the business and reward people for excellence. We also invest in people’s development and encourage employees to bring their whole self to work – so that they can be at their best.

Integrity is key

We ask that employees be trustworthy, and that they trust their managers in return. We will not cheat nor mislead. Instead we are transparent and candid, in order to get the very best ideas, and ultimately to do the right things for everyone, always.

Results matter

It’s about driving spectacular results for everyone that we work with. When we do, our employees are happy, our customers and candidates are happy…and so are our shareholders.

We ask all employees to deliver for our customers and candidates at all times and be passionately results oriented.